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Team Basket Bashers

Let us introduce the 2023 line-up for

Team Basket Bashers!


Aaron Rogers PDGA# 27398

Home Course: Rillito River Park DGC

Favorite Disc: MVP Electron Atom

Aaron started playing disc golf in 2005. He played for a few years and then fell away from the sport until picking it back up a few years ago. Aaron plans on playing in as many tournaments as he can in 2022 with the hopes of traveling to play at courses he’s never played before. He also has created a YouTube channel to share the joy of disc golf with others with course reviews and fun challenges.

Adam Luthman PDGA# 82840

Home Course: UNC

Favorite Disc:  Discraft Raptor (First Run)

Adam has been playing disc golf since 2015. He has competed for the UNC collegiate team since 2018 and helped expand the team to a record level of participation during his time as club president. He has been running the UNC Tar Heel Open since 2021 and will host the first ever collegiate tournament at UNC in 2023. Adam prides himself on his overhand throws and his strong scramble game. His aggressive playing style can be summarized by the phrase “layups are for basketball.” Follow him on Instagram!

Aiden Lebron PDGA# 150337

Home Course: Cedar Hills

Favorite Disc:  Razor Claw 1

Aiden loves to play disc golf, fish, and play soccer. He is trying to get his first MA1 win this year and get his rating over 900. Aiden is killing it to me of such a young age!

Alyssa Bailey PDGA# 170878

Home Course: Valley Springs Park

Favorite Disc:  Discraft Passion

Alyssa is a fun loving person who has been playing disc golf since 2011 but only started taking it seriously in 2019. She loves her dog, Prince, who is often on the course with her during casual rounds. Alyssa plans to break 800 during the 2023 season and continue to work hard on putting consistency. Follower her on Instagram


Amy Meyer PDGA# 110773

Home Course: Sinnissippi Disc Golf Course

Favorite Disc:  Axiom Neutron Insanity

Amy started playing disc golf in 2018 and jumped right into playing tournaments. As a Mental Health Therapist, Amy loves working with others to assess their mental game and how it impacts their play. Amy is co-starter of the Paladins of the Chains women’s league in northwest Illinois. She is looking forward to many great tournaments this year and will be branching to the TD side of the game.


Antonio Farmer PDGA# 199714

Home Course: East Clayton DGC

Favorite Disc: Discraft Zone

Antonio is from Pittsboro, NC, and attended NC State University. He started playing disc golf in 2019 as a hobby with friends and started to play competitively In 2021, “I love disc golf because of the challenge and having to be mentally tough” He loves the game and has a passion for working hard and getting better and plans to grow the sport and In any aspect he can. Follow him Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook!


Becky Widmayer PDGA# 214992

Favorite Disc: Luna

I am a relatively new but very passionate member of the NC disc golf community! I’m also a mom to 1 human daughter, 1 dog, and 2 cats, and a professional basher of databases! I migrated to disc golf from ultimate frisbee and also played collegiate softball. I’m very excited to be playing with Team Basket Bashers this season!


Benjamin Williamson PDGA# 221909

Home Course: River Park/ St. Joe

Favorite Disc: Plasma Insanity

Benjamin is a 13 year old, who started last year. He's been enjoying the sport very much. He recently passed his PDGA Officials Exam!


Braydon Fritzsche PDGA# 184043

Home Course: River Park

Favorite Disc: Axiom Insanity

Braydon has been playing since 2020. He wants to place top 50 at junior worlds this year. Braydon hopes to play over 20 tournaments this year


Brook Johnson PDGA# 108871

Home Course: Greenbrier State Forest

Favorite Disc: Discraft Zone

Brook comes from an ultimate frisbee background, switching over to disc golf in 2018. Since then, she has competed in 68 sanctioned events from MA4 to FPO. She is currently serving as the West Virginia State Coordinator, as well as typically TDing 2-3 events per year and competing most weekends. In 2023, Brook’s goals are to improve her rating to 900 and make the move up to FPO full time after Amateur Worlds. Follow her on Instagram!


Carol Spratley PDGA# 158296

Home Course: Ironwood DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Crave

Carol played her first round of disc golf way back in 1999! Until 2011 she played sporadically. After moving back to NC from California in 2011 she got bit hard by the disc golf bug and played rounds on her own or introduced her friends to the sport until late 2020 when she helped get the Triad Disc-Hers ladies group going and played her first unsanctioned tournament. The last few years Carol has been working on her game and making adjustments to put together better rounds. In 2021 she played her first sanctioned event and started playing with some local clubs. Carol is looking forward to more tournaments in 2023 than she’s played yet in a year and hopes to get closer to an 800 rating! When not on a course, she is a receptionist at a local vet and cares for her 2 furrkids at home. She is also a super proud mom to Cassidy, who is a senior at UNCW. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok!


Caley Allen-Gruebl PDGA# 111942

Home Course: THE Diavolo DGC

Favorite Disc: Prodigy F3

My name is Caley Allen-Gruebl, PDGA #111942 and I compete in FA1, currently. Disc golf casually found me in Maryland in 2017. Through peer pressure, I played my first tournament in 2017 and 2 more in 2018. And boom, I was hooked. I moved to Massachusetts in 2018. Dacey Fields became home and I joined the Dacey Owls New England Winter Team Challenge Team and I still go back to play in crazy weather with them! In 2019, I was selected to join the Prodigy Disc Street Team and Empowered Disc Golf. In 2019, I competed in 20 tournaments across 5 states and won 12...what a year and then 2020....highlight of which was marrying Nick Gruebl under the English Oak at Druid Hill Disc Golf course on hole 17. In 2021, I stepped it up and began serving my local community. I competed in 15 tournaments, helped out with my local club, and TD'd 11 tournaments ranging from Ice Bowls, to flex starts, to the sold out WGE at Maple Hill!! How was any of that possible? Great mentors, drive, and a community who wanted it to succeed - it truly takes a village. This busy disc golf year earned me a promotion from the Prodigy Disc Street Team to the Prodigy Ambassador Team. My husband and I moved to NC early 2022 and I made it my mission to play in as many tournaments, with as many different TDs, at as many different courses, as I could schedule - 19 total events. I wanted to immerse myself in the communities and find ones where I "fit" and figure out how I can make a meaningful impact. I am very excited to join Team Basket Bashers. Basket Bashers already make meaningful contributions to our local community, so I am excited to join forces and see where the adventure takes us!


Casey Mason PDGA# 131505

Home Course: Cedar Hills & Diavolo

Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Lucid Evader

Casey’s main goal is to build a unique player experience during events by promoting diversity, fostering new partnerships, and inspiring new players to step into leadership. In 2022, Casey became a TD running leagues and tournaments for the Capital Area Disc League. His passion for community engagement is driven by a background in non-profit strategic development for agencies focused on civil rights and child welfare. If you see him on the course, you’ll most likely see his doggo Zoey nearby chasing squirrels and keeping spirits high.


Chase Jernigan PDGA# 30402

Home Course: East Clayton Community Park

Favorite Disc: Latitude 64 Gold Line Fuse

Chase Jernigan has been playing since 2000 and been a PDGA member since 2006. His goals are to become more of an ambassador to not only Basket Bashers, but to the sport of disc golf. A few wins in the professional division are always a plus, too.


Christopher Raven Strasburger PDGA# 51743

Home Course: Central Pines DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Proxy

Stras has been playing disc golf since 2007 off and on, and became serious about the sport in college while at GSW. There he participated in leagues and tournaments. Fast forward to 2021, Stras became a Tournament Director and has hosted four sanctioned tournaments, with plans for many more in the coming years. Stras assists the local DG scene in Middle Georgia by supporting as Assistant Tournament Director to multiple tournaments. In his spare time, Stras likes to build custom carts for disc golf play.


Connor Stuart-Paul PDGA# 160998

Home Course: Berkeley Aquatic Park DGC

Favorite Disc: MVP Resistor

Connor has been playing disc golf since 2019 and ultimate frisbee since 2009. This year they hope to get their rating above 975, and take down one MA1 tournament before moving up to MPO. Between a number of local Bay Area tournaments and possibly a few in NC, there will be plenty of golf this season.


Daniel DeBrecht PDGA# 126808

Home Course: Valley Springs Park

Favorite Disc: Axiom Pyro and Hex

Daniel started playing tournaments in late 2019 and has been hooked ever since. One of his first events was an Axion/MVP challenge where he received an Envy/Pyro/Crave. From that day on Axiom has been a staple in Daniels bag. While being guided by some locals in Durham (Tyler "Jangler" Glass and Dr. Sam Klotman) Daniel was able to grab a few B Tier wins in 2020 in MA3, Won the NC Point Series in MA2 in 2021, and snagged his first 1000 rated round in 2022. Daniel throws predominantly RHFH and is looking to gain a more consistent backhand in 2023.


Daniel Gretsch PDGA# 145735

Home Course: Jones Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Innova Halo Destroyer

Daniel has been playing disc golf since 2020 and has improved quickly thanks to ultimate frisbee and other athletic activities. In 2022 Daniel began to compete in the MPO division and came in third in one tournament to cash and officially go pro. Moving forward he hopes to continue to improve and chase a rating of 980+ and earn his first MPO victory. Follow him on Instagram!


Dave Benson PDGA# 114714

Home Course: Kentwood DGC

Favorite Disc: Innova Nova

Dave started playing disc golf in 2015 as a way to get outside with his then 2 year-old son. He joined the PDGA and began competing in tournaments in 2018. In an effort to contribute to the community he started up a weekly league in 2019. Dave is looking forward to this upcoming season and continuing to grow himself and the sport and be a positive representative for Team Basket Bashers.


Doug Green PDGA# 89552

Home Course: All Rocky Mount Disc Golf Courses

Favorite Disc: Lone Star Discs Guadalupe

Doug has begun playing competitive disc golf at the end of 2020. He has helped the Rocky Mount Disc Golf club run events, perform course updates, and represent the club in many capacities as needed. He hopes to continue to help grow the sport in the Rocky Mount area, along with many other areas throughout the state he gets to travel to. His goal is to improve his abilities and continue to play above his rating at each event. Follow him on Instagram!


Elaine King PDGA# 3089

Home Course: Leigh Farm Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Proton Vanish

Elaine discovered disc golf in 1983. She is a 5 time World Champion (1991-1994,1997) and a 2 time US Women's Disc Golf Champion (2005, 2007) in the Open Women's division, with 3 FP40 World Titles (2009, 2017, 2019). She was female Player of the Year in 1990, 1993, 1994 and 1997 and Senior Player of the Year in 2012. Elaine served on the PDGA Board of Directors in 1990-1999, and 2017-present.


Eric Vandenberg PDGA# 3089

Home Course: THE Diavolo DGC

Favorite Disc: Discraft Impact

Eric started playing disc golf in 1983, competed as an amateur in 1984, joined the PDGA in May 1985 and started playing Pro in July 1985. Eric has played more than 600 tournaments and more than 1200 courses. Goals for 2022: Win MP60 at Pro Master Worlds, get course count over 1300.


Jaxon Dill PDGA# 208448

Home Course: River Park 

Favorite Disc: Mint Jackalope

Jaxon is a 6th grader and a basketball coach. He loves both the sport of basketball and football. Jaxon is a first year team member and we are excited to watch him shred it this year! He recently passed his exam as a PDGA rules official!


Jeff Stout PDGA# 207367

Home Course: THE Diavolo DGC

Favorite Disc: MVP Fission Reactor

Jeff picked up disc golf in 2022 coming from both ultimate and golf, so it was the perfect combination and love at first throw. His goal for 2023 is to win an MA1 tournament and in the latter half of the year consistently shoot 950 event ratings.


Jerry Goodnight PDGA# 136993

Home Course: Kilborne Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Discraft ESP Raptor

Jerry has used the last year to post career highs in wins, average placement, and rating. Rising from and 822-rating to 922 in just over 18 months of competitive play, he is excited to remain on Team Basket Bashers while competing in the Charlotte Disc Golf scene, as well as at tournaments abroad in South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky this upcoming year! His goal include wanting to continue placing in the Top 10% at A-Tier events, a podium finish in a B- or A-Tier, and pushing towards a 950 rating! Follow him on Instagram!


Joel Dewhurst PDGA# 76108

Home Course: Bellamy Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Innova Star Atlas

Joel started playing disc golf with cheap lids and wooden shingles on trees with his siblings as a kid. He started playing disc golf as a sport in 2014. In 2020 he ran his first tournament, a qualifier for the NADGT. In 2021 he took over running the Bellamy Park League, and ran three tournaments for the NADGT. Joel also started a disc golf class at his work.


Juan Martinez PDGA# 95695

Home Course: West Meadowbrooke Park

Favorite Disc: Discmania DD3

Juan plans for to go to am worlds for the first time, he’s been playing since 2016 and got started late on life but loves the game.


Justin Finger PDGA# 191138

Home Course: Valley Springs Park

Favorite Disc: Innova Firebird

Justin is a high school physics teacher in Durham, NC. Justin loves spending time with his family, playing with his daughter, fishing, and of course playing disc golf. Justin started playing disc golf in 2011 while attending NC State. Justin played sparingly, and primarily through overhead shots, until May 2021 when he decided to start learning how to play the game correctly. Justin started playing tournaments in 2022, and got addicted to the competition. Justin’s goals for 2023 are to reach a 930 rating and to win a B tier or better tournament. Justin is excited to continue meeting new people and learning the disc golf scene.


Justin Lago PDGA# 115025

Home Course: Bull Run Regional Park DGC

Favorite Disc: MVP Wave

Justin started Disc Golf in June 2016. After his first ace in October of that year, he was hooked indefinitely. His goal in 2022, as a Basket Basher Team member, is to practice in the off-season and compete in at least 20 sanctioned PDGA events. He is setting a goal to attain a 900 rating by December of 2022 and to grow the sport VIA ATD/TD a first tournament to benefit the Veterans through the IGY6 movement.


Justin Walther PDGA# 176114

Home Course: THE Diavolo DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Proxy

Justin started playing disc golf in 1999 but took a number of years off to help raise his family. In 2020, his twin sons asked him to go play a round and that helped renew his passion for the game. He started playing competitively in 2021. His goals for 2023 including winning an A-tier event and competing in a PDGA major again.


Kinna Kaye PDGA# 90945

Home Course: Ballou Park

Favorite Disc: MVP Fission Photon

Kinna is at the youthful age of 60. She has adopted the rule as the Team Granny for Basket Bashers. She has been playing 8+ years as an amatuer. She has logged 16 PDGA wins and 12 non sanctioned wins. She loves the sport, community and family with all her heart ❤️


Mickey St. Clair PDGA# 191024

Home Course: Zebulon Community Park

Favorite Disc: Axiom Insanity

Mickey would like to be playing MA1 towards the end of 2023 and become a 920’s rated player. He has been playing disc golf since December of 2020. His baseball background helped his forehand excel in the early days and he’s continuously tuning his game to better each and every round. He strives each and every day to become a better father, husband, leader, and person in everything he does. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and hanging out with his family. Follow him on Instagram!


Michael Breen-McKay PDGA# 100732

Home Course: THE Diavolo DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Pyro

Mike stumbled into disc golf with an ultimate frisbee at Steve Brinster's course in Warwick, NY. It wasn't until he moved to Raleigh, NC in 2015 for graduate school that it became a passion. Mike had his best year in 2022 finishing 9th at the Masters World Championship in MA40 and winning three tournaments, including the Down East Player's Cup, an A-Tier. In 2023 Mike plans to transition into MP40 and take down some more big tournaments! Follow him on Instagram!



Home Course: Middle Creek or Jones Park

Favorite Disc: Clash Soda

MONTEE is new to the team and extremely excited to be part of it. MONTEE started playing in 2019 and has been in love with the sport ever since. MONTEE 's goals this year are to play 20 events, work the USDGC, attend Masters Worlds in Flagstaff, and to break the 900 rating barrier! MONTEE is 50 years old and engaged to the love of his life Traci and can't wait to marry her!! Follow him on Instagram and Facebook!


Morie Newman PDGA #147444

Home Course: THE Diavolo DGC

Favorite Disc: Streamline Cosmic Neutron Trace

Morie is a former Ultimate player who first found disc golf in 2011. Flick-dominant, he’s got a knack for finding the forehand line on almost any hole. This season his goals include getting his rating up to 900 and continuing to develop as a tournament director. When he’s not on the course, he’s a chef by trade and an avid traveler.


Ricky Richmond PDGA #41576

Home Course: Battle Park (Rocky Mount)

Favorite Disc: Gateway Assassin 

Rick has been playing disc golf since 2005. He picked it up while attending ECU. Moved to Rocky Mount in 2008 and helped form the Rocky Mount Disc Golf club. He's been running the club for over 10 years now. He recently got sponsored by AGL in 2022 and then Gateway/Basket Bashers in 2023.He just enjoys throwing plastic and hanging with my buddies!


Shawn Randall Jr. PDGA# 105463

Home Course: Findley State Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Streamline Pilot

In 2017, Shawn started playing disc golf and fell in love with the sport. His father has been playing along side since day 1. He is vice president of his local club and runs weekly leagues. His goals this year are to continue to grow the sport and build at least 1 course in his area of Northeast Ohio. He is entering the MP40 division this year and he plans to make big moves on Team Basket Bashers!!!


Spencer Husen PDGA# 202088

Home Course: Middle Creek DGC

Favorite Disc: Prodiscus STARi

Coming from a competitive distance running background, Spencer started playing disc golf as a hobby in the middle of 2020. After running his first marathon at the end of 2021, to take a break from running, he started playing in tournaments early in 2022. He immediately got hooked, and wants to carry his strong conclusion of the 2022 season into 2023, where he hopes to get plugged in more to the awesome disc golf community in the Triangle area and finally bring down that elusive A or B-tier win.


Wes Hunt PDGA# 168391

Home Course: THE Diavolo DGC

Favorite Disc: Innova Pro Pig

Wes transitioned to disc golf in 2021 after 25+ years of Ultimate. Like many during the pandemic, he was looking for something to fill that competition void, and was hooked by the technical nature of the discs and learning how to shape new lines. After a successful 2021/2022 season in MA40, placing in the top 15 at Masters Worlds, Wes is challenging himself in new divisions and continuing to learn from the more experienced players around him. An approach/scramble specialist, Wes is looking to improve his game in 2023 with better tee consistency with a wider shot selection.


Zack Cowan PDGA# 199685

Home Course: Middle Creek DGC

Favorite Disc: Discraft Buzzz

Zack is a North Carolina native that picked up disc golf in 2021 and has not looked back. He is looking forward to playing in more tournaments this year and getting his rating above 900. Following him on Instagram!