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Team Basket Bashers

Team Basket Bashers continues to grow in 2022! With so many strong applicants vying for positions we felt it appropriate to increase our team cap beyond the previous 25-member limit. Now let us introduce the 2022 line-up for Team Basket Bashers!

Aaron Rogers PDGA# 27398

Home Course: Rillito River Park DGC

Favorite Disc: MVP Electron Atom

Aaron started playing disc golf in 2005. He played for a few years and then fell away from the sport until picking it back up a few years ago. Aaron plans on playing in as many tournaments as he can in 2022 with the hopes of traveling to play at courses he’s never played before. He also has created a YouTube channel to share the joy of disc golf with others with course reviews and fun challenges.

Amy Niedermaier PDGA# 158692

Home Course: Johnson Street DG Park

Favorite Disc:  Latitude 64 Opto Diamond

Amy started playing Disc golf in 2012 playing casually with friend. She started playing more competitively in 2019 playing at local tournaments and league events. In 2020 she started a women's league in the Triad to help grow the sport with more women in the area. Amy is hoping to make the 2022 a great year for completion and growing the sport even more!

Amy Meyer PDGA# 110773

Home Course: Sinnissippi Disc Golf Course

Favorite Disc:  Axiom Neutron Insanity

Amy started playing disc golf in 2018 and jumped right into playing tournaments. As a Mental Health Therapist, Amy loves working with others to assess their mental game and how it impacts their play. Amy is co-starter of the Paladins of the Chains women’s league in northwest Illinois. She is looking forward to many great tournaments this year and will be branching to the TD side of the game.

Chris Easom PDGA# 146873

Home Course: Berkeley Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Discraft Z Heat

Chris Easom is from Goldsboro, NC. He is a full time travel nurse, husband, and father of 3 children. Chris discovered disc golf in the 2019. Since then, he has been playing in tournaments, local leagues, and introducing new people to the sport as much as possible. Chris’ goals for the 2022 season are to help start a disc golf club at a high school in Perry, GA, and to get his rating up to 950. You can also follow Chris on his YouTube channel!

Christopher Raven Strasburger PDGA# 51743

Home Course: Central Pines DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Proton Crave

Chris loves the sport of disc golf. He started playing in 2006, and has been a passion of his ever since. Continuing on his breakout as a Tournament Director, he plans on holding multiple tournaments this year, while competing locally in Leagues and Tournaments. It's his passion to share the great sport of disc golf with anyone that crosses his path.

Connor Stuart-Paul PDGA# 160998

Home Course: Berkeley Aquatic Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Envy

Connor started playing Ultimate Frisbee in 2011 before discovering disc golf in 2019. They have been actively playing since and now reside in California. For the 2022 season they are interested in moving into MA1 and trying to win local tournaments and leagues!

Daniel Gretsch PDGA# 145735

Home Course: Jones Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Innova Halo Wraith

Daniel started playing disc golf a year and a half ago and instantly got hooked. He has been working towards improving his game to make it to the MPO division and compete at the highest local level.

Danny Kimble PDGA# 110204

Home Course: Lagoon Valley DGC

Favorite Disc: MVP Neutron Motion (Einstein Stamp)

Danny has been involved in the sport of disc golf for 6 years now. As a physical education teacher and athletic director, he has been teaching thousands of students the game. Danny has been hosting an after school disc golf course for 2 years, and has led a number of middle school students to become avid disc golfers. Due to COVID, Danny hasn't been involved in many tournaments but plays weekly!

Dave Benson PDGA# 114714

Home Course: Kentwood DGC

Favorite Disc: Innova Nova

Dave started playing disc golf in 2015 as a way to get outside with his then 2 year-old son. He joined the PDGA and began competing in tournaments in 2018. In an effort to contribute to the community he started up a weekly league in 2019. Dave is looking forward to this upcoming season and continuing to grow himself and the sport and be a positive representative for Team Basket Bashers.

Edward Xiong PDGA# 109904

Home Course: McClure Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Innova Star Destroyer

Edward first picked up a disc at the age of 8. It started off just as a casual sport but quickly turned into a passion. Now at 12 years old, he can really crush a disc down the fairway, eventually leaving his father in the dust. Edward’s goals this year is to play more tournaments and be more consistent with his game.

Elaine King PDGA# 3089

Home Course: Leigh Farm Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Proton Vanish

Elaine discovered disc golf in 1983. She is a 5 time World Champion (1991-1994,1997) and a 2 time US Women's Disc Golf Champion (2005, 2007) in the Open Women's division, with 3 FP40 World Titles (2009, 2017, 2019). She was female Player of the Year in 1990, 1993, 1994 and 1997 and Senior Player of the Year in 2012. Elaine served on the PDGA Board of Directors in 1990-1999, and 2017-present.

Eric Vandenberg PDGA# 3089

Home Course: THE Diavolo DGC

Favorite Disc: Discraft Impact

Eric started playing disc golf in 1983, competed as an amateur in 1984, joined the PDGA in May 1985 and started playing Pro in July 1985. Eric has played more than 600 tournaments and more than 1200 courses. Goals for 2022: Win MP60 at Pro Master Worlds, get course count over 1300.

Erin “Monkey” Colling PDGA# 177929

Home Course: Stoney Creek DGC

Favorite Disc: MVP Fission Tesla

Monkey began playing disc golf with her dad in the summer of 2019. It was a great way for them to spend time together and gave her something to be involved with during the basketball offseason. Last season, Monkey won 2 junior events and had one second place finish. She hopes to improve upon this in the upcoming season, eyeing at least 5 tournaments in eastern NC. This is her third year in Team BB!

Jake Anderson PDGA# 125621

Home Course: Willmore Park DGC

Favorite Disc: RPM Glow Kotuku

Jake started playing disc golf when a few buddies showed him the sport in 2009. It took him until 2019 and traveling half way across the world to understand what disc golf meant to him. The challenge of hitting that perfect line a few times a round keeps him coming back. Disc golf has such and amazing community full of wonderful people it’s hard not to love the sport.

Jerry Goodnight PDGA# 136993

Home Course: Kilborne Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Discraft ESP Raptor

Jerry began playing disc golf in the summer of 2020, and began competing in August of the same year. Over the last year, he has raised his rating nearly 100 points, has won 3 tournaments (2 C-Tiers and a B-Tier), placed inside the Top-20 at an A-Tier, and finished 4th in the 2021 Another Round Disc Golf Point Series. In 2022, he hopes to raise his rating above 930 and place Top-3 in an A-Tier.

Joel Dewhurst PDGA# 76108

Home Course: Bellamy Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Innova Star Atlas

Joel started playing disc golf with cheap lids and wooden shingles on trees with his siblings as a kid. He started playing disc golf as a sport in 2014. In 2020 he ran his first tournament, a qualifier for the NADGT. In 2021 he took over running the Bellamy Park League, and ran three tournaments for the NADGT. Joel also started a disc golf class at his work.

Justin Lago PDGA# 115025

Home Course: Bull Run Regional Park DGC

Favorite Disc: MVP Wave

Justin started Disc Golf in June 2016. After his first ace in October of that year, he was hooked indefinitely. His goal in 2022, as a Basket Basher Team member, is to practice in the off-season and compete in at least 20 sanctioned PDGA events. He is setting a goal to attain a 900 rating by December of 2022 and to grow the sport VIA ATD/TD a first tournament to benefit the Veterans through the IGY6 movement.

Mike Schiller PDGA# 131327

Home Course: Showboat Park DGC

Favorite Disc: MVP Proton/Neutron Resistor

Mike began playing in 2016. Being a teacher and having time off in the summer, he had plenty of time to pick up the game. Within a year he had taken over running his local leagues, and began also running tournaments. Having played tournaments sparingly in his first few seasons, he has definitely made up for that in recent years. You can typically find him in MA1 or MA40 divisions. 

Mikey Beal PDGA# 133253

Home Course: Foundation Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Hex

Mikey is a disc golf form theorist and analyst. He loves to compete and thrives on it. You can find him on Instagram and YouTube. Mikey is friendly to new players, and strives to help everyone perform at their best by helping players build solid foundational knowledge of what it takes to play better, for longer.

Morie Newman PDGA #147444

Home Course: THE Diavolo DGC

Favorite Disc: Streamline Cosmic Neutron Trace

Morie is a former Ultimate player who first found disc golf in 2011. Flick-dominant, he’s got a knack for finding the forehand line on almost any hole. This season his goals include getting his rating up to 900 and continuing to develop as a tournament director. When he’s not on the course, he’s a chef by trade and an avid traveler.

Rick Dunnivan PDGA# 93797

Home Course: IBM RTP DGC

Favorite Disc: Innova Star Shryke

Rick began playing disc golf in 2015 when his brother-in-law took him to a course during a visit to Georgia. He soon began playing local North Carolina courses. After a couple years of casual play, Rick began playing tournaments in 2017. In March 2021, he won CADL Spring Singles for his first points series win, and two months later won his first tournament at River Bend Park in Louisburg, NC.

Shawn Randall Jr. PDGA# 105463

Home Course: Findley State Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Streamline Pilot

In 2017, Shawn started playing disc golf and fell in love with the sport. His father has been playing along side since day 1. He is vice president of his local club and runs weekly leagues. His goals this year are to continue to grow the sport and build at least 1 course in his area of Northeast Ohio. He is entering the MP40 division this year and he plans to make big moves on Team Basket Bashers!!!

Shea Stevens PDGA# 77522

Home Course: Tyler State Park DGC

Favorite Disc: Axiom Envy

Shea began playing disc golf toward the end of his college disc golf career in 2008. After moving home he discovered his local club, began playing competitively, and started serving on the club's cabinet. To help grow the sport, he began organizing clinics to help new and developing players. During the lockdowns of 2020, Shea began a YouTube channel to try to continue his outreach to new players and has grown the channel to include other disc golf content. For the 2022 season, Shea wants to play in as many events as possible while also working on some projects at local courses.